kkm 204

Symmetrical and well-planned home for a large family with rich social interaction. The house is H-shaped with two sections connected by a large kitchen in the middle, the real heart of the house. Here you have natural contact with the garden through the double patio doors. The entrance is as well planned as you might wish, with a toilet on one side and a laundry room on the other. And just a lot of storage space inside. The section on the left contains the bedroom and bathroom. On the right, the bright living room impresses with its gable roof, large windows and a ceiling height of four meters. It also has double doors to the garden / patio. Architect: Matthias Edberg.

kkm 204

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Заводской комплект

178,200 *

Решение под ключ:

278,200 *

Количество комнат:

2 комнат

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